Michael Wagner – CEO

Michael is 2nd generation at Wagner Machine, Inc. and was president of the company from 1987-2016.  He currently handles sales and specific large customer accounts. Mr. Wagner also assists in large project management and future needs of equipment.

Courtney Wagner – President

Courtney is 3rd generation at Wagner Machine, Inc. She obtained her BSBA from The University of Akron and her MBA from Hult University in London, UK. She started working at Wagner as a teenager, running a band saw after school and on the weekends. She has held various positions including  purchasing, accounting, and routing of jobs throughout the shop floor. Ms. Wagner was the CFO of Wagner Machine, Inc. from 2007-2016. She became president of the company in 2016. Courtney has a passion for manufacturing, specifically small to mid-size multi-generational companies and breaking the glass ceiling for women leaders everywhere.

Jeremy Wagner – Vice President

Jeremy has worked in manufacturing his entire career. He spent most of his time working the shop floor specializing in turning work. He is 3rd generation at Wagner Machine, Inc. and currently handles purchasing of raw materials, management of shop floor work load and customer relations.

Lee Messner – Plant Manager

Lee has been with Wagner Machine, Inc. since 1981. Mr. Messner is in charge of quoting of potential jobs and works with the production supervisor in managing work load on the shop floor. Lee also manages most of large customer accounts and specific requests by these customers.

Abram Wagner – Sales Development Manager

Manufacturing is ingrained in Abram’s DNA, and as a 3rd generation member of Wagner Machine, it inspired him to pursue a career focused on machining and welding. The position of Sales Development Manager is designed to help further develop existing client relationships and work with new business partners. Abram also served honorably in the Marine Corps to the rank of Sergeant and most recently sold CNC Machinery for a number of years before returning to the family business.

Heidi Baney – Office Manager

Heidi has been with Wagner Machine, Inc. since 2004. She handles all AP/AR, employee benefits and most of the Human Resource aspects of the company. Heidi runs the shipping and receiving of everything coming in and going out of the shop.

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